Foam Inserts

Foam inserts for flight cases from Europe's leading case manufacturer is the first choice for equipment protection

CNC foam insert

5 Star has been involved in foam inserts for flight cases for over forty years and in this time have gained much experience in the design and manufacture of foam inserts for cases. At the Broadend Road site, the company has a vast array of foam fabrication facilities at its disposal. Not only this, but many of the staff employed in the department have been with us for many years. We keep a vast stock of raw materials which ensures prompt deliveries.

These materials include…

CNC Foam Insert

Our stocks of foam sheet, block and facing materials are usually sufficient to meet most requirements. But our suppliers also keep many other foam types including coloured polyethylene, neoprene, natural rubber and expanded EPDM. These can be ordered specially to individual requirements. Please contact our sales team for further details.

We have at our disposal, a wide range of foam fabrication equipment. Continued investment means that this department is able to cope with most foam insert fabrication requirements. Click here to see details of the equipment used in the Foam Fabrication department.

The materials mentioned above can be used in combination with others. For instance, polyurethane (HLB) is often bonded to polyethylene to give additional protection. While different grades of polyethylene are bonded to each other, again where varying protection is required.  Technical Data sheets are available for all our foam and associated media which are available upon request.

Foam inserts for flight cases & IP67 cases can be fabricated in many ways. One of which is CNC routed, using one of the Multicam machining centres. These types of inserts are best suited to single and low production runs.

Customers can supply the overall layout of the flight case insert as a DXF file, ready for us to toolpath to the desired depths or send us the actual items and we’ll do the rest. We can also scan an image of the item as long as it’s accurately drawn. Traditional die cut foam inserts are still popular however. A press tool is a series of custom shaped blades held in a plywood board. They are manufactured by laser cutting and bending machines.

Once made, these press tools are numbered and stored at our premises. They are more cost effective on multiple and repeat orders.

Shown here is a set of CNC-routed foam blocks using contrasting coloured polyethylene. The lower layer being a different colour, easily identifies the cutouts. A handy feature for ensuring equipment is where it should be !

For further details on Foam Inserts for flight cases and associated products, contact our sales team on +44 (0)1945 427000.