Trunk_TourProbably the most popular of styles, due to its versatility and adaptability. Whilst the Trunk shown here will give you a guide to the layout of this type, many different variations are available.  Again, all of the case styles shown on this site are merely to help you visualise the difference between various types and nearly all can be adapted to suit individual needs.

Partitions, compartments and dividers can all be added to the interior of all trunk styles, as well as many hardware options to enhance the trunk.

As a rule, trunk styles are available in Industrial specification and higher.


  • Click+hold+drag on the rendered trunk below to view 360 degrees.

Main features Trunk
  • – Hinged or removable lid 
  • – Internal dividers and compartments available
  • – Handles all round
  • – Ideal for medium to large projects
  • – Casters for easy handling