Shockmounted Rack

Shock Mount Rack CaseOne of the more complex of 19″ rack layouts…the Shock Mounted Rack. Again, a plywood inner sleeve forms the basis of this rack style, but unlike the Rack-in-a-Box version, this sleeve is fixed to the outer case.  These fixing points however, are by means of rubber shock-mounts, similar to those found in vehicle engine mounts.

Usually, 8 of these shock-mounts are fitted…4 to the top and 4 to the bottom of the 19″ rack inner sleeve.  Although frequently, on large systems we will fit further mounts to the sides and possibly additional one to the top and bottom.

These mounts enable the inner sleeve to ‘float’ within the outer case and as such give the shock-mount characteristics of this style of 19″ rack.   The image shown below has been produced with transparent outer case sides, to show the inner sleeve more clearly.
Shock Mount Rack Case


Main features
  • – Removable front and rear doors
  • – Handles to sides/top/bottom (dependent on design) 
  • – Inner Plywood Rack Sleeve
  • – Optional Castors to base or rear door
  • – Rubber Shock-Mounts between inner sleeve and outer case
  • – Rack rail to front, rear and intermediate available
  • – Industrial specification and higher
  • – Ideal for sensitive equipment


Click+hold+drag on the rendered shock-mounted rack below to view 360 degrees.


Shock Mount Rack Case