Rack-Ind-(without-door)The basic 19″ rack case, used around the world for standardised rack mounted equipment.  One ‘Unit’ = 44.5mm (1.752″) in height and width of 482.6mm (19″).  This standardisation has been in place for decades and is still used today for most industry’s equipment manufacturers.  When selecting a 19″ rack case, there are a few things to bare in mind.

How many ‘Units’ are to be mounted in the case?  This is not just the quantity of items but the total height in ‘Units’ of the equipment to be housed in the rack case.  So, if you have 4 x 3u (3 RU) amplifiers to be housed, then you’ll need a minimum of 12u.  However, consideration for additional spacing for ventilation and connector panels should also be made.

Secondly, the overall depth of the rack should be considered.  This will be the deepest equipment (front to back), plus any additional space for connectors at the rear.  Whilst all rack cases have doors of varying internal depths, you will also need to consider the protrusion of any control knobs, handles, connectors and suchlike on the front panel of the equipment.  Usually this is most relevant to the front door but also the rear door too.  Rack rail (normally punched steel) will be fitted, both single and double types.  These rack rails accept quick-fit M6 ‘cage-nuts which are used to fix the equipment to and are supplied with each order.

Our sales and design team will assist you on all of this, if it sounds confusing!

Main features
  • – Rack Rail to front, rear and intermediate available 
  • – Removable front and back doors
  • – Handles all round 
  • – Wide range of hardware options including Casters, Vent Dishes, PAL Label Dishes
  • – Blank, Perforated, Connector and Fan panels available as options