Rack in Box caseA very popular version of the standard 19″ Rack case.  An inner sleeve constructed from birch plywood is the basis of the Rack-in-a-Box system from 5 Star.  Rack mount rails are fitted to this texture-sprayed inner sleeve and can be supplied with front, front and rear and intermediate positions.  Intermediate rack mount rails are usually used for fixing shelf brackets, to support heavier rack equipment.  The inner sleeve can of course be removed from the outer flight case, to be positioned nearer the operator.

Main features
  • – Removable lid
  • – Handles to sides
  • – Inner Plywood Rack Sleeve
  • – Optional Castors to base
  • – Foam lined and blocked around sleeve

Rack in a box Case

The inner sleeve is protected by polyethylene foam to prevent scratches and knocks.  As a rule, rack sizes from around 4u up to 18u are common due to the height.  Taller versions can of course be produced but the overall height has to be taken into account, as well as the lid removal.  Where a taller system is required, we can always suggest changing the lid to a Split Lid version, to ease removal.


Rack in Box case