Nosecone Mixer

Mixing Console With NoseconeThe most complex design of the sound mixing console cases.  Predominantly used for audio consoles due to the increased cabling especially with the older analogue versions, although can be specified for lighting desks.  The difference with the Nosecone version and the standard mixing console case layout is the addition of the front removable lid, as well as the top lid.  This nosecone lid is usually required to access built-in keyboard trays that slide out from under the fader area of the console.

Main features
Mixing Console With Nosecone
  • – Removable top Lid and Nosecone Lid 
  • – Industrial specification and higher
  • – Loom (Dog) Box, with hinged rear covers
  • – Polyethylene Foam blocks/pads for equipment protection
  • – Castors to rear of top lid
  • – CNC machined outer ‘cheeks’ for console support

At 5 Star, we try to add as much flare into our cases as possible.  And when it comes to mixing console cases, rather than just ‘pieces of plywood’ for the loom-box, we will usually try to enhance the console’s appearance by adding some features to the side support cheeks.

Mixing Console With Nosecone

Whether it’s just tweaking the shape to follow the console’s geometry, to including your logo or the model number into the loom-box’s rear flaps.  These CNC machined plywood assemblies, will be sanded and texture sprayed to enhance the appearance, to what can very often be a huge investment in the console.


Mixing Console With Nosecone