Sound Mixer

Mixing-Console-SoundThere are many variations on the theme of mixing console cases, due to the number of different types, sizes and configurations of the world’s sound-mixing desks.  Styles of sound mixer cases are available with or without loom, or dog box at the rear.  Shown on the right is a typical mixing console case with a rear loom box, complete with double-hinged access flaps.

Main features
  • – Removable Lid 
  • – With or without Loom (dog) Box
  • – Casters on lid-rear wheelboard option
  • – Wide range of hardware accessories
  • – Foam blocks and pads for equipment protection

Whilst primarily for sound consoles, these cases can easily be configured for Lighting Desks.  As a rule, lighting consoles do not require a rear loom box due to the reduced number of cables used.  However, the choice is yours….5 Star will design and build the case to your requirements.