Mixer Rack

Mixer-Rack2Mixer Rack…one of the more complex of case styles.  Based on the industry-standard 19″ rack mount system, they are available with a top lid and either a single front door or front and back doors.  The most popular use for this style of case is DJ’s, Karaoke, Educational audio systems and Dance Schools to name but a few.  However, Mixer Racks also find uses in many other applications.

The key feature of all Mixer Rack cases is the pivoting top rack mount area, which is fitted with multi-position ratchet type stays, giving ten ‘stops’ for a desired working angle of the mixer.

Underneath this pivoting mixer section is a secondary 19″ rack mount area, available in a user-defined number of ‘Units’.  A ‘Unit’ is 44.5mm or 1.752″ in height.

With or without base casters and a wide range of hardware options including PAL label dishes, vents and blank 19″ panels.

Main features
  • – Removable lid and door options
  • – 19″ rack mount rails (sliding type as default)
  • – Wide range of hardware options
  • – Suitable from 6u to 21u in height