Other Products

Our core market is the manufacture of high quality flight cases but other products offered by 5 Star include padded bags and covers, foam inserts as well as IP67 weatherproof cases. Click on each section for more information.

As with flight case manufacturing, 5 Star has been producing foam inserts for many years and has experience in this field. Using quality materials such as Polyethylene, Polyurethane, Anti-Static and more, we can fabricate inserts for ultimate equipment protection.

If you need equipment protection and a flight case isn’t a viable option, ProTect can offer you an alternative.  From tablets to lecterns, cameras and accessories, our team of skilled designers and machinists can produce a quality, lightweight bag that will protect your investment.

Even the most professionally run company knows that the inevitable happens. You’ve specified a project and as it’s just about ready to be loaded, you find a shortfall of cases to pack the last few items of equipment. It’s too late to have anything built and the budget doesn’t really warrant purchasing new cases.

This 'Business-in a-Box' concept provides a one-stop shop for companies requiring a professional catering system, all housed in rugged road flight cases.  The range kicks off with a selection of custom-built catering setups and will be added to in the coming months.

5 Star's IP67 range of cases is designed to protect your equipment in the harshest conditions.  Made from ultra strong Glass Fibre reinforced  plastic, ensuring the highest durability and impact resistance.  5 Star’s IP67 cases are available in a wide range of sizes and are filled with pre cut, high-density foam.

Workshop Storage Range

5 Star’s new storage units will prove to be invaluable in any workshop or warehouse. Constructed from CNC-machined quality plywood for accuracy and with a durable polyurea textured coating and heavy-duty telescopic drawer slides.

Not widely known in the industrial case sector is that the 5 Star Group owns the well-established Mossman Trunks brand. Since acquiring the brand back in 2000, we have expanded the range of boarding-schools and luggage trunks with exciting colours, printed designs and altogether new trunks.

This brand originates from the late 1930's and we have strengthened its market share ever since. Click on the link to visit the Mossman Trunks website.