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Pro DJ & Musician Flight Cases is where it all began for 5 Star.

Back then, the company was based in a very small workshop with a staff of around six people. The bulk of its production was guitar, keyboard, drum, cymbal and various other musical instrument flight cases. 5 Star still produces flight cases for the music industry and can supply all of the DJ flight case types mentioned above, and more!

Since 1981 the details of just about every flightcase we’ve produced is saved on our file-servers, so if you have a classic piece of equipment such as a keyboard or guitar, we will more than likely have the build data to produce your flight case, in many different specifications.  So, if you’re looking for a flight case to protect your musical instrument, amplifier, speakers and the like, just give our sales team a call and we’ll do the rest.


Guitar amp case

However, when it comes to the Pro DJ…5 Star is your preferred manufacturer of quality Pro DJ flightcases.  Whilst the company designs and manufactures cases in bulk for many of the DJ industry’s leading brands such as Pioneer, Denon and Allen & Heath, we can supply one off flight cases to suit the individual Pro DJ’s requirements.

From simple CD flight cases, turntable flight cases including Technics SL1200 to flagship DJ consoles, we can design and manufacture something to suit your professional needs.

Contact our sales team on +44 (0)1945 427000 to obtain a design and quote for a Pro DJ or musician flight case.

In the gallery you can see different projects we’ve produced that can serve as a reference. Social media is also a great place to catch up with news and recent projects. Check 5 Star on FacebookLinkedInTwitter an Instagram

Pioneer flight case
Pioneer flight case