Motorsport Flight Cases

Motorsport Flight Cases are available for a wide variety of products and services including Telemetry, Tools, Spares, Merchandise and even complete race cars!

Europe’s leading flightcase manufacturer has had over thirty five years experience in the field of design, production and supply of motorsport flight cases, padded bags and foam inserts to many industry sectors.

Our company has produced flight cases to house engines, telemetry equipment, wheels and tyres, workshop trunks including removable tables and drawered racks for smaller accessories and spares. Wheel alignment flight cases as well garage graphics and tool cases are all popular choices when it comes to selecting motorsport cases.

However, there are many other items and equipment types that can benefit from investment in a flight case. These include race helmets, steering wheels, fuel bowsers, audio-visual equipment and much more.

Hospitality Catering

A key part of any motorsport event is hospitality.  Many will say that the catering side of hospitality is what sponsor's and their guests remember the most.  Whilst there are many sides to hospitality catering, presentation is paramount and this is where our company can help.  Choose from pre-designed well established systems or have a bespoke catering setup built to your requirements.

Our pre-designed catering systems are of a modular layout, built to the same overall dimensions and style. The range includes, Beverage, Bain Marie and Double Fridge, although further appliance types and designs will be added shortly. All feature a removable front door and a top lid, the latter of which incorporates a folding leg system which enables the lid to be used as a table.

Also available is a matching 'shield' which clips to the front (guest side) of the catering flightcase. This helps to hide certain items that are placed on the work surface such as drinks machines and preparation equipment. Included in all the pre-designed catering flight cases are drawers, cupboards and a selection of the popular 'Euro Style' plastic crates. These crates are really versatile for hospitality catering and can be used for housing crockery, utensils, tableware, condiments and pretty much anything that'll be specific for the hospitality team.

A choice of ten standard exterior colours are available and any RAL/Pantone finish to special order, along with corporate branding will ensure your catering flightcases will not only be functional but impress the sponsors and their guests.

For further information on Catering Flight Cases, whether it's the pre-designed type or a bespoke system that you require, just get in touch with our sales team.

Telemetry Flight Cases

Telemetry flight cases are becoming increasingly popular with race teams around the world.  Ensuring not only the issue of equipment protection but also speed in setting up the telemetry systems, be it in the garages or on the pit-wall.  Again, as with most specialist flightcases, telemetry system cases can be designed to suit individual requirements such as quantity and size of the display screens. Shown here is a popular layout of a telemetry systems flightcase, housing twin 24″ displays.

Featuring a pivoting display panel that allows for ergonomic viewing of the displays, at various heights and angles.  Shackles on the rear of the panel can be used to suspend the flight case from pit-wall trussing by means of quick-release karabiners.  Other support and suspension methods can of course be incorporated into the flight case.

A removable lid protects the displays whilst in transit and a hinged, rear access flap is also included to aid connecting the displays.  A recessed connector dish with mains inlet and TV connectors are included.

Crate Cases

Recently introduced is the ‘Euro-Crate’ rack. Comprising a matrix of the very versatile stacking containers made from durable polypropylene.  These crates are 400mm x 600mm (L x D, external) and available in four standard depths…110mm, 160mm , 210mm and 320mm (internal).

We have found that these four are the most useful, whilst other depths are available to special order. Many variations on the amount of crates per case are available are complete with castors to the base and a removable front door.  Case specification is from the Heavy Industrial range.

From tool chests and racks to spare engines and communications systems, we can supply a bespoke flight case for your team’s complete requirements.  Click here  to see further information.

Race Car Splitters

Motorsport Race Splitter

Whilst not well-known, 5 Star can produce race car 'splitters' or floors.  CNC-machined  from 12mm phenolic-faced plywood, these splitters are available for most race car types.

All we need is a CAD file (DXF, DWG, PDF, STEP, IGES etc.) either 2D or full 3D.  If 2D files are sent, we'll also need the data for machining depths etc.  3D files will already have this data embedded.  Our technical sales team will assist with this if necessary.

Branding – Impress your sponsors!

Recent expansion and investment into specialist digital printing and laminating facilities mean that we can now offer a bespoke branding service for most motorsport flightcase options. So, when it comes to getting the message across in the all-important world of motorsport sponsorship and advertising, a branded flight case solution is now a reality.  From one-off requirements to multiple and repeat orders, our company’s branding service ensures a quick turnaround solution.  Let us assist you with your branding options.  We can offer full colour digitally printed vinyl, with a laminated exterior for durability, or simple screen-printed logos.  Contact our sales team and they will assist you with selecting the right option for your team branding. Shown here is a simple but effective solution that combines a product and branding. Whilst strictly not a case, these simple 'boxes' were created for table decorations and identifications in PMR's hospitality area.

Don’t forget…5 Star Group now has ProTect Bags & Covers as a manufacturing division. Designing and producing a wide range of specialist padded bags and covers which find many applications in the Motorsport industry. Pit Boards, Wheels, Headlamps, Steering Wheels, Comms Headsets and much more are ideal equipment to be transported in padded bags.  Whilst flight cases offers a greater level of protection, padded bags offer a very lightweight solution and can easily fold flat when not in use.  Slip-over covers for existing equipment can also be manufactured in matching materials and colours.