Console Cases

5 Star manufacture mixing console case not only for sound desks but lighting too. Various styles available including standard and nosecone types.

Console flight case

There are many variations on the theme of mixing console cases, due to the number of different types, sizes and configurations of the world’s sound-mixing desks.  Styles of sound mixer cases are available with or without loom, or dog box at the rear.  


Sound mixing case
Shown on this image is a relatively simple design of a 'use-in-base' mixing console case.  A gap behind the console allows for simple cable management, however, loom or dox-boxes complete with double-hinged flaps are a popular option which offer a tidy solution for cable access.  Your company branding or console reference can be CNC-engraved into the support panels or side cheeks of the loom box.  Please ask our sales team for further details.

Main features

  • – Removable Lid 
  • – With or without Loom (dog) Box
  • – Casters on lid-rear wheelboard option
  • – Wide range of hardware accessories
  • – Foam blocks and pads for equipment protection

For the larger mixing console case designs, we recommend a minimum of Heavy Industrial specification, although for added strength and durability on the road, Tour Grade and Super Tour.  All 5 Star cases are produced using quality hardware, predominantly from Penn Elcom.

Whilst primarily for sound consoles, these cases can easily be configured for Lighting Desks.  As a rule, modern lighting consoles do not require a rear loom box due to the reduced number of cables used.  However, the choice is yours….5 Star will design and build the case to your requirements.

DiGiCo S21 console case
Lighting desk case
Nosecone console case
Calrec Brio flight case