Industry Sectors

Contact our sales team on +44 (0)1945 427000 to obtain a design and quote for any flight case, foam insert or padded bag requirement for most industry sectors.

Listed above are some Industry Sectors that we regularly cater for but obviously there are many more, including Medical, Engineering, Telecommunications, Sport & Leisure and Events. Some examples of these include robotic surgery cases, physio equipment cases for some of the premier UK football clubs, museum artifact cases and radar equipment cases for the offshore exploration industry.

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Our sales and design team are here to assist you with any flight case requirements that you have. Don't forget we also produce padded bags and covers as well as foam inserts.

With our extensive range of flight cases, you can choose different colours in the external colour range section, where you’ll find various options and panel finishes that can be applied to the flight case. Corporate branding is available which not only adds that finishing touch but also increased security in venues where there will be other companies with their own cases.

In the gallery you can see different projects across a wide variety of industry sectors we’ve produced that can serve as a reference. Social media is also a great place to catch up with news and recent projects. Check 5 Star on FacebookLinkedInTwitter an Instagram