Industrial Flight Case

The Industrial flight case range from our company is the ideal solution for professional users, regularly moving and storing small to medium sized items or intermittently moving larger ones. The Industrial range finds uses in many applications including Medical, Telecommunications, Military, Offshore, Exhibition and Audio Visual. Custom built flight case interiors fit your product like a glove, providing total protection and security in transit. High quality core construction from only the finest materials, including birch plywood, faced with thermoplastic high grade laminates or your choice of a wide range of alternative coverings makes the Industrial flight case the perfect choice.

There are three variants of Industrial specification. This has been done to bridge the gap between Lite-Flite and the heavier Tour Grade specifications.

Light Industrial offers a durable approach while not compromising on weight, as the carcass is from 6mm plywood. 30mm aluminium extrusion is groove riveted to leading edges while medium knuckle corners are fitted. On certain dimensions of lid, combined corners and braces are utilised.

Heavy Industrial specification cases comprise a 9mm ply carcass while external protection is provided by large ball corners. Large butterfly catches are used (where applicable) however, the extrusions are the same throughout the Industrial range.

The Arena range of general purpose road trunks are based on the Industrial specification.


Industrial Case

Main Features

  • Glued and pinned joints for added strength and stability
  • CNC machined for accuracy
  • High grade laminates (HPL) produced and tested to BS3794.
  • Wide choice of colours and finishes
  • 30mm aluminium angle protects all leading edges
  • Most handles, catches and lids stays – recessed for durability
  • Castors, where required, – fitted with running boards and concealed ‘T’ nuts
  • 100mm diameter castors with safe weight loading of over 600kg. fitted as standard
  • Custom case interiors
  • Polyethylene and Polyurethane foam interiors for maximum protection

Light Industrial

  • 6mm ply carcass construction
  • Medium knuckle corners
  • Small butterfly catches (where applicable)

Heavy Industrial

  • 9mm ply carcass construction
  • Heavy Ball corners
  • Large butterfly catches (where applicable)
  • 90mm Internal Lid (where applicable)


  • Weatherproof sealant and sealed rivets, ideally suited to the Offshore Industry
  • Anodised Aluminium Extrusions and powder-coated hardware
  • Stucco aluminium and a wide choice of tear resistant extruded vinyl finishes
Industrial Specification
Industrial Specification

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As with all 5 Star manufactured flight cases, you don’t have to stick to layouts shown in these Industrial specifications. They are merely here to help you select the correct type of flight case for your project.  So, don’t forget to discuss specific requirements with our sales and design team, who will be happy to assist with any questions!

Contact our sales team on +44 (0)1945 427000 to obtain a design and quote for a Industrial flight case.

In the gallery you can see different projects we’ve produced that can serve as a reference. Social media is also a great place to catch up with news and recent projects. Check 5 Star on FacebookLinkedInTwitter an Instagram

You can also choose between different colours for your Industrial flight case in the external colour range section where you’ll find various options and panel finishes that can be applied to the flight case.