Custom Case Design

Flight case requirements are as unique as anyone using them!Custom built cases   The uses and contents present a myriad of options, and one of the many areas in which 5 Star specializes is bespoke projects.   Having a custom flight case designed along with the associated custom protective foam inserts is often essential to meet a specific need. 5 Star has designed bespoke flight cases for every imaginable object – and some that are not!! All you need to do is let us know the object needing to be cased together with your ideas … and our dedicated team will do the rest! Our design team uses the latest software, CAD technologies and number crunching programmes and spreadsheets for even the simplest of case designs.

Spreadsheet Quote

With straightforward spreadsheet designs and quotations, customers receive a detailed drawing of the case showing both the external and internal layout .  A fully visual representation of the proposed case project illustrates how any compartments, dividers and basic foam layouts will work within the case environment – so you can see exactly how it will work on a practical level. These spreadsheets also include the all-important BOM (Bill of Materials) used by the production team and stores department who pick the necessary hardware, fixings and other materials.

All of these build spreadsheets are archived with a unique reference number which can be recalled instantly for future ordering reference.

Solid Edge screenshot For the most specialist and complex case projects, our design team utilizes Solid Edge 3D software. This is a powerful state-of-the-art tool that has been heavily customized by 5 Star’s technical and design departments, and includes full 3D virtual parts and modeling of all the hardware, extrusion profiles, fixings etc. that are used in the construction of a case. The small images shown below were all produced by 5 Star using Solid Edge 3D. Together with a complex set of Assembly templates, this parametric 3D system enables the design team to produce full-size virtual case projects, built in exactly the same way that the real case is constructed.

Almost every piece of hardware supplied to us has been accurately mapped by 5 Star for use in the Solid Edge software and in the process, building  a vast library of virtual hardware and an invaluable resource from  which to select during the case design process.


Solid Edge image gallery…

Solid Edge design software is used only for special projects and not all case designs.  5 Star reserve the right to select which projects are suitable for this service.