Trolley Flight Case

Trolley Case Style

Trolley flight cases are particularly suited to smaller applications and lighter equipment. The telescopic handle can either be externally fitted or recessed in to the case.

Trolley flight cases come in various styles and can be fitted with either telescopic type handles as shown here, or if the case is a certain length, recessed handle/s on the opposite end of the wheels can be used to pull the flight case along. Trolley wheels can be either inset into the case, providing a more flush fitting assembly, or external wheels housings (shown on the orange flight case below).  There are advantages and disadvantages to both options however. With inset type wheels, allowance has to be made for the 'inset', making the internal dimension slightly bigger.  External types make the outside dimension slightly larger, whilst keeping the internal size smaller.

Usually, this style of flight case is constructed using 6mm or 9mm plywood. As with all 5 Star Cases, quality materials are used throughout manufacture. Various options of hardware are available such as recessed or surface catches, handles and hinges. Internally trolley flight cases can be supplied with foam lining, foam inserts or empty, for the customer to install their own equipment.

Main features

  • – Hinged Lid 
  • – Catches to front
  • – Handle to top
  • – Ideal for smaller case projects
  • – Various wheel types available
Trolley Flight Case

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