Top-Hat Trunk

Top Hat Case Style

Do you need a flight case to ensure your heavy and fragile products are safe?

The Top-Hat trunk style is based on the Trunk but the lid and base split is reversed, giving the design a low base and larger lid. This enables easy access to heavier equipment, rather than having to reach into a deep base (as with a normal Trunk style).

Partitions, compartments and dividers can all be added to the interior of all Top-Hat trunk styles, but these can either stop at the same level as the base split, or protrude from the base into the lid cavity.  As a rule, Top-Hat style trunks are available in Industrial specification and higher.

Main features

  • – Removable lid
  • – Easy access due to low split base
  • – Internal dividers and compartments available
  • – Handles all round recommended
  • – Ideal for medium to large projects
  • – Optional Casters for easy handling
Military cases

Top-Hat trunks are popular for larger or heavier items such as engines, pumps, laser printers, large-format data projectors and suchlike.  Also as a trunk for speakers, with the addition of an upright divider panel to separate twin versions. For bass bin enclosures, this divider is omitted.

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Custom Top-Hat Trunk Flight Case

Top Hat Trunk
Top Hat Trunk
Top Hat Trunk
Top Hat Trunk