Speaker Trunk


Based on the Top-Hat Trunk, the Speaker Trunk is designed to accommodate one or more cabinets, from multi-way small enclosures to larger twin types.  For bass bins and large single cabinet systems, a simple Top-Hat trunk would be selected.

For example, the one shown here is a very popular twin cabinet type with a central upright divider panel extending into the lid.  The usual layout of the speaker trunk is that the cabinets face each other in the case, with the grilles up against the divider. This protects the grille and drivers whilst in transit.  All speaker trunks are lined with a combination of polyethylene and polyester foam, to ensure protection.

Very often and especially with shaped ‘trapezoid’ type cabinets, the base foam is shaped to suit the cabinet’s profile.  Also, with a Top-Hat style trunk the low base makes removal of the cabinets much easier, rather than lifting the over a deep base.


Main features

  • – Removable Lid
  • – Foam lined for protection
  • – Industrial specification and higher
  • – Handles all round (Optional)
  • – Casters optional
  • – PAL label dish and other hardware available
Speaker Case Style