Multicore Trunk

Multicore Case Style

Again, based on the Trunk style but supplied with two vertical ‘pillars’ that are used as a guide when coiling cables into the trunk.  The cable can be placed in the trunk in a number of ways but generally, either in a figure of eight around both pillars (mainly for longer, heavy duty cables, or in a circle around one of the pillars.  Again, they are there merely as a guide, to enable the cables get placed in the trunk in an ordered fashion.

The Multicore trunk can also be supplied with one or two cable outlet flaps, fitted to the ends of the base.  These flaps enable cables to pass from the trunk, whilst keeping the remaining bulk of the cable inside the trunk.

Multicore flight cases are particularly suited to the Entertainment sector but will also find uses in Motorsport, Catering and Exhibitions. With more than 37 years experience in the design and manufacture of specialist cases, 5 Star can assist you with all your case requirements.

Main features

  • – Hinged Lid
  • – Industrial specification and higher
  • – Vertical ‘Pillars’ to assist cable placement
  • – Castors to base
  • – Cable Outlet Flaps (optional)
  • – Foam lined
  • – Handles all-round (recommended)

As with all case styles shown on these pages, they are to be taken as a guide. The layout can be changed to suit your requirements, so just contact our design team on 0845 5000 555 and they’ll assist you with any changes or suggestions you’d like to make!

In the gallery you can see different projects that can serve as a reference.  You can also choose between different colours in the external colour range section where you’ll find various options and panel finishes that can be applied to the Multicore flight case.