Moving-Head Lighting Cases


Based on the Trunk style but features foam inserts specifically designed for Moving Head lighting fixtures.  So, all the features of the standard Trunk style layout but with single, twin, triple or multiple inserts fitted to the base and foam pads in the lid, to ensure protection of the equipment whilst in transit.  Usually included is a compartment for hook clamps, safety wires, cables and other accessories.

We can also supply these trunks empty, for the user to add their own PU moulded inserts.


Main features

  • – Hinged or Removable Lid 
  • – Industrial specification and higher
  • – Accessories compartments also available
  • – Single or Multi cavities
  • – Foam Inserts or Plywood Cradles
  • – Also available empty for third-party moulded inserts




The foam insert will be fabricated using a combination of polyethylene and polyester (HLB) foam and for the heavier lighting fixtures, a plywood load plate is bonded to the top foam surface.  All of which are CNC machined on one of our three Multicam routers.