LX Range Flight Case

LX Range specification

LX Range flight case is a smart addition to the already-extensive range of specifications to choose from.

Ideal for presentation cases, with a smart visual appearance.  Manufactured from anodised aluminium profiles that create the majority of the case carcass, together with 5mm lid and base panels, ensuring weight is kept to a minimum.  The LX range is particular suited to small briefcase and attache style, especially for sales presentation and display flight cases.  Combine this with a bespoke Foam Insert and you have a smart flight case, ideal for many applications and industry sectors.

With a different approach to flight case manufacture and construction, LX Range features five aluminium extrusions of varying height (see the table below). These anodised aluminium profiles are not only lightweight but offer rigidity on small to medium sized flight cases. All five profiles can of course be mixed, giving nineteen combinations of  case height. For example – Profile A (Base) can be mated with Profile B (Lid), giving an internal height of 38mm (15+23). While Profile D (Base) can be mated with Profile E (Lid), giving an external height of 194mm (80 + 114).

With the different height profiles available, a total of twenty five variations in case height are possible.  Making the LX Range ideal for briefcases and attache cases.  If you’re looking for a flight case with a smart visual appearance but need more depth that the maximum 228mm available, then we suggest the XT Range. The profiles on the XT Range are designed so that larger cases can be produced, whilst still retaining the visual appearance and lightweight construction.

LX Range manufacturing process

The LX Range features a different manufacturing process to traditional flight cases. After the case dimensions have been produced by the quotations and design team, production includes accurately cutting the two selected profiles using one of the extrusion saws in the Cutting Shop.

The profiles are joined to each other by means of rigid ABS corner nodes. Pneumatic crimping machinery specially designed for the LX Range of profiles and ABS corner nodes is installed and has been upgraded by 5 Star’s engineering department to semi-automatic operation. This function crimps two profiles (Length and Width) to a corner node by crimping the internal face of the aluminium profile. Although these crimps are extremely neat being internal, they are usually covered by foam lining or other materials.


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In the external colour range section you’ll find the various colour options and panel finishes. That can be applied, to compliment your corporate identity. And don't forget, most flight cases can include branding by means of screen-printed and CNC-engraved logos, adding not only visual impact but also additional security.

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