Lite-Flite specification

Lite-Flite represents the perfect balance between weight and rigidity without compromising security.

Lite-Flite cases find uses in many applications and industries.  They are particularly suited to presentation and display cases. Every Lite-Flite case is individually designed and manufactured in our well equipped UK factory.  Small to medium sized equipment is recommended although high quality plywood carcasses ensure strength and durability.

As with all 5 Star products, high quality materials and fittings are used throughout construction. A variety of external finishes are available which are bonded to high grade ply carcasses. These coverings include coloured vinyls, stucco aluminium and thermoplastic laminates, again in a variety of colours.

Extensive use of bright nickle and chromium plated fittings are used for durability.  Aluminium angle and hybrid location ensures an almost waterproof construction.  The vinyl and laminate finished cases can have screen printed logos applied directly to the case for added security and visual appearance.  Internally, cases can be lined with suedette, vinyl, spray painted or foamed. This foam can be a simple lining, or a complex die cut insert.  Please see further details on the Foam Inserts page.


  • 6mm high quality plywood carcass
  • Glued & Pinned construction
  • 16mm aluminium angle to leading edges
  • Bright nickle and chromium plated fittings
  • Hybrid aluminium location for dust tight seal between lid/base
  • Choice of interiors – suedette, vinyl, painted or foam inserts
  • High quality locking catches