Hand Trunk

Hand Trunk

The Hand Trunk flight case is similar to the Pilot Case but normally fitted with two handles (one each end), to aid handling where a single handled Pilot Case would be more difficult. Ideally suited to lightweight equipment such as small projectors, lighting fixtures, product samples and computer hardware. For larger, heavier equipment we suggest using a Trunk design.

With more than 37 years of experience working for different sectors such as Audio Visual, Aerospace and Entertainment, our flight cases are of the highest quality and first-class service.

Main features

  • – Hinged Lid 
  • – Catches to front
  • – Handles to each end
  • – Ideal for slightly heavier but smaller items
Hand trunk flight case

Hand Trunk Flight Case Virtual Models

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As with all 5 Star manufactured cases, you don’t have to stick to layouts shown in these flightcase styles. They are merely here to help you select the correct type of flight case for your project.  So, don’t forget to discuss specific requirements with our sales and design team, who will be happy to assist with any questions!

Contact our sales team on 0845 5000 555 to obtain a design and quote for a Hand Trunk flight case.

In the gallery you can see different projects we’ve produced that can serve as a reference. Social media is also a great place to catch up with news and recent projects. Check 5 Star on FacebookLinkedInTwitter an Instagram

You can also choose between different colours in the external colour range section where you’ll find various options and panel finishes that can be applied to the Hand Trunk flight case.