Flight Cases


This section will hopefully assist you in selecting which style of case best suits the application.

You will see the different case styles and their associated title, or case type.   They don’t however, indicate a particular Case Specification such as Tour Grade, Industrial etc.


5 Star produce many different case specifications to meet just about as many applications and requirements.  From Lite-Flite and Poly-Pro which offer reduced weight without compromising strength and durability, right up to Super Tour… the professional’s choice when it comes to the ultimate in strength an longevity.


Add your corporate branding to virtually any case.  Choose either a simple screen-printed single-colour logo, or a digitally-printed full-colour wrap.

Combine this with CNC-machined logos on internal structures.  Our sales team will help you select the right one for you.


From exhibition furniture to architectural models, mobile photo booths to sculptures, 5 Star has designed and manufactured custom cases for many different items and uses. Flight case requirements are as unique as anyone using them!


Choose from a range of ten standard laminate (HPL) colours for your case’s external covering. Don’t forget, we can also supply dual-colour combinations to maximise exposure and increase security.