Flight Case Hire

Flight Case Hire

Even the most professionally run company knows that the inevitable happens.  You’ve specified a project and as it’s just about ready to be loaded, you find a shortfall of cases to pack the last few items of equipment.  It’s too late to have anything built and the budget doesn’t really warrant purchasing new cases.  Well, that’s where 5 Star’s Flight Case Hire can help!

Whether it’s a general-purpose road trunk, 19″ rack or a drawered production case, our Hire stock is the ideal Flight Case Hirechoice for a short-term solution.  We’ve started the Hire Stock with a selection of popular cases including two sizes of Eurotrucker road trunks, three sizes of 19″ racks, two versions of Drawered Production Racks and a handy Wardrobe Trunk.  Details of these can be found below.  As every hire will be different, based on quantity, duration and location, our sales team will submit an individual quote upon request.   View or download the Flight Case Hire Leaflet and pricing by clicking here, or the image on the right.


Eurotrucker – General Purpose Road TrunkFlight Case Hire

Probably the most popular road trunk available, the Eurotrucker has been manufactured by 5 Star for more than twenty years and will prove invaluable for equipment protection and handling. Our Hire stock has two versions, the full-size (1200) and the ‘Half’ Euro (600), both of which are built to Tour Grade specification featuring a stacking facility and PAL label dish.  Removable trays and dividers are also available, which are a handy option for keeping all those smaller accessories in one place. 


Flight Case Hire19″ Racks

For standard rack-mounted equipment, these 19″ Racks based on the popular ‘555’ range are available in three sizes – 4u, 8u and 16u.  Body depth is 550mm nominal and internal door depth is 61mm.  The 16u version has 4″ heavy-duty casters fitted to the base, whilst the 4u and 8u have stacking glides and can also be stacked on top of the 16u version. Front and rear, punched rackstrip is fitted as standard, as well as a PAL label dish.



Drawered Production Racks

Two styles of Drawered Production Racks are available from our hire stocks.  ‘Style B’ features five pull-out drawers (2 x 60mm, 2 x 140mm and 1 x 200mm internal depth), with a hinged single door layout. ‘Style 3’ has the addition of a top hinged lid, as well as a hinged front door.  The top lid features twin gas struts and a handy work-surface. Both styles include heavy-duty 4″ casters for easy handling and useful compartments in the front door for accessories.




Further information on Drawered Production Racks can also be found here…> 

19″ Server Rack

For 19″ rack-mounted servers, this Tour Grade specification extra-deep body rack is available in 12u height, which should suit most server configurations. Body depth is 800mm nominal and internal door depths are 85mm. The inner plywood rack sleeve is shock-mounted by means of eight heavy duty rubber dampers, which gives additional protection to fragile server equipment.

To aid handling 4″ heavy-duty casters are fitted to the base, two of which are braked. Front, rear and intermediate punched rackstrip is fitted as standard, along with four pairs of support brackets.  A PAL label dish is also included.


Wardrobe Trunk

Wardrobe Trunk is an ideal solution for transporting and even displaying garments and  accessories including workwear, sportswear and motorsport race suits.  Featuring a hinged double-body design with four 400mm deep drawers for accessories and two hanging rails.  Vent dishes are fitted to ensure good airflow in the case when in transit.  Eight casters make easy handling.  A PAL dish is also included, so that hire information can be applied to tour labels (label not included).