External Colour Range

Choose from a range of ten standard high pressure laminate (HPL) finishes for your flight case colour.  Don’t forget, we can also supply dual-colour combinations to maximise exposure and increase security. With 5 Star’s in-house screen printing facility, the case can be further enhanced by adding one or two colour logo prints to the flight case, for a small additional charge. Just ask our sales team for further details on this service.  Our standard HPL covering is of a lightly-textured finish similar to hessian, giving an overall smart appearance to any flight case.


Black Rofor

Pantone 6C


Navy Blue Rofor

Pantone 289C

Royal Blue

Royal Blue Rofor

Pantone 285C


Red Rofor

Pantone 200C

Dark Green

Dark Green Rofor

Pantone 3308C


Yellow Rofor

Pantone 123C


Mid Grey Rofor

Pantone 428C


Purple Rofor

Pantone 520C


Orange Rofor

Pantone 1585C


Shadow Grey Rofor

Pantone 424C



Diamond Board

Diamond Board

Stucco Aluminium

Stucco Aluminium

Should you wish to match flight cases to your company identity and colour scheme, many other HPL colours are available to special order. Just advise our sales team of a RAL or Pantone® reference and we'll source material for the case project. If an exact reference cannot be found, a very close match is usually possible.

Plus…there’s three more alternative stock finishes. Diamond Board, Hexaboard and the traditional ‘Stucco’ aluminium sheet.  The first two are phenolic coated boards, in which the pattern is embossed at the mill, whilst ‘Stucco’ is a thin ripple-finish aluminium sheet that we bond onto plywood in our factory.

Please Note: Due to differing display screen resolutions and settings, colours shown here must be taken as a guide only and cannot be used as proper colour references.  Swatch samples of the high pressure laminate (HPL) are available upon request.