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Chain Hoist Flight Cases built to exacting standards in 5 Star’s well-equipped factory, offer the best solution for professional touring companies.

From 1/4 tonne to 2.5 tonne and larger, single and multiple unit configurations. Internal cradles are CNC-machined using high grade plywood and complimented by a durable flight case. From medium duty Industrial on the smaller units to the high specification Super Tour for large configurations.

All Chain hoist flight cases feature CNC-machined plywood cradles. Usually these are of 18mm construction to accommodate the weight of the motors. These cradles can be supplied either fixed into the flight case or removable and interchangeable with other similar-sized hoists. An example of a cradle is shown here, in an interactive 3D model.

Our designers will construct these cradles with durability in mind. Using rebated features and where necessary, screws will be used on the main sections.

The motors are usually housed in the centre of the flightcase to distribute the weight evenly. Chain and hook/power connector compartments are placed either side of the main motor compartment. Whether front to back or left to right, dependent on the layout of the particular Chain hoist flight case.


Our Customers and their Chain Hoists.

5 Star has manufactured Chain hoist flight cases for some of Europe's leading rigging companies. Including UK Rigging, Stage Electrics, Undefined Group, 4 Wall UK, Impact Production Services (IPS), Unusual Rigging and many others.

UK Rigging hoist trunks
IPS hoist trunks
HSL hoist trunk

Custom Chain Hoist Flight Cases

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In the external colour range section you’ll find the various colour options and panel finishes. That can be applied, to compliment your corporate identity. And don't forget, most flight cases can include branding by means of screen-printed and CNC-engraved logos, adding not only visual impact but also additional security.

Contact our sales team on +44 (0)1945 427000 to obtain a design and quote or visit our Get in Touch page for a Chain Hoist flight case.

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