Screen Cases

Screen CaseesThere are many types of screen and display monitor cases.  The style and specification mostly depend on the size of the screen being housed.  Just a few years ago a 42″ plasma screen would have seemed ‘huge’, whereas these days, it seems that screen sizes increase every few months or so!  We now frequently supply cases to house 85″ and 90″ screens and we mustn’t forget the world’s largest plasma screen, the massive Panasonic 152″ weighing in at 1/2 tonne.

Its ‘baby’ brother, the Panasonic 103″ screen was a frequent case build in the 5 Star factory!

The common screen case houses either one, two or sometimes three units and usually feature a foam-faced vertical divider panel, to which the screens sit against for protection.  The case is normally supplied with a larger lid and shallower base, to ease removal of the screens and on larger models, a split lid type case is suggested.  This enables the lids to be ‘peeled’ way without having to lift a single lid, high above the screens.Screen CaseesScreenCase3

Foam pads and blocks allow for protection against knocks when in transit.  Mounting brackets and additional hardware can all be accommodated in compartments to individual requirements, although our database of relatively standard screen case designs is both extensive and increasing daily.

LCD, LED and plasma screen cases are one of the more popular factory builds for 5 Star, as the range of display screens from the major manufacturers gets larger, almost on a weekly basis!  All of our case part numbers are stored for easy retrieval.

Contact our sales and design team for further details on display screen cases, or any other case project you have!

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