XT Range

XT range caseThe XT Range is similar to the lighter LX Range, whereby the overall case construction uses high quality aluminium profiles and a 7mm panel.

This panel is usually an ABS honeycomb material, available in four colours but this can be substituted for a laminated plywood alternative. However, the ABS panel version is the preferred option when weight is an issue, as this material is approximately 30% lighter than laminated-plywood. With the XT Range’s three profiles, larger cases can be produced.

One of these special profiles can be used to produce a fixed-depth base or lid, whilst the remaining two can be used in conjunction with this shallow profile or entirely, to produce a much wider range of case dimension. XT Case Range The profiles are made into a case by means of special ABS corner ‘nodes’ that are pressed into the extrusions and a combination of adhesive and rivets, secure them in place, around the case panels. The main difference with both the XT and the LX Range of cases, is that the rivets for securing the nodes and panels are on the inside of the case, not the outside as on traditional flight cases! This means that the overall visual appearance is more aesthetic and therefore more popular with presentation cases and suchlike, as a very ‘clean line’ is gained from this method of assembly.


XT Range case

  • – Custom aluminium profiles and ABS corner nodes
  • Lightweight ABS panel or 5.5mm plywood/laminate
  • – Internal Carcass fixings for ‘clean’ appearance
  • – Suitable for small to medium projects
  • – Ideal for presentation and display cases