Monitor Screen Trunk

Plasma Screen CaseWith the increase in quality and resolution and the reduction in price, size and weight, plasma and in recent times LED display screens are becoming one of the most popular choices of flight case.  Many design layouts are possible such as single, twin, with and without mounting brackets and speakers and so on.  Shown here is just one of those layouts, being a simple twin screen format.  Usually, screen sizes up to 55″ can comfortably and safely be transported in single, twin, triple and even quad layout cases, whereas the larger types of screens are better suited to single cases…especially when all the mounting hardware is included.

Main features
  • – Removable Lid 
  • – Handles all round
  • – Vertical divider panels
  • – Foam lined/blocked
  • – Castors to base

Plasma-Screen2On the larger types of plasma/LED screen cases, the trunk can be of the Split Lid version, which basically divides the lid in half, length-ways to make removal easier.

Combinations of polyethylene and polyester foams are used internally to ensure the highest level of screen protection.  In addition to this, where the foam is in contact with the screen itself, we bond a soft-touch suedette covering to the face of the foam to prevent scratching.

Very often on the larger screen sizes, we also fit additional plywood support pillars which contact the rear of the screen at strategic points, to ensure the screen is supported whilst in transit.



Plasma Screen Case