Moving Head Trunks

Moving Head TrunksA ‘moving head’ light trunk is pretty much a road trunk usually supplied with custom fabricated polyethylene foam inserts to protect the fixtures.  They are usually supplied in single, twin and quad versions.

However, for the smaller fixture, becoming ever more popular with LED light sources, six, eight and even ten way trunks can be supplied.

The foam inserts are produced in-house, having had many years experience in foam fabrication.  Using high quality polyethylene and polyester grade materials, the inserts is designed to cushion the light fixture against knocks in transit.

These inserts are usually supplied in the trunks as one-piece units and can be removed if required.  Normally the fixture’s head is placed facing downwards, either vertical or horizontal depending on the shape and dimension, whilst the base unit and grab handles are facing upwards for easy removal.  The foam insert protects the bulk of the moving head part of the fixture.

Moving Head TrunksHook clamps can either remain on the fixture for quick set-up times or can be removed and placed in a compartment, along with cables and safety wires etc.

These compartments can be positioned lengthways along the rear or widthways in between or next to the foam inserts.


Moving Head Trunks