Audio Visual flight cases

Broadcast Case

Encompassing the worlds of broadcast, TV, film and live events of all types – Audio Visual – is a sector where 5 Star has vast hands-on experience in the design,  manufacture and supply of specialist and standard cases.

This includes
  • 19″ Rack Systems
  • Camera and Lens cases
  • Cable trunks
  • Plasma/LED/LCD cases
  • Computer and I.T. equipment cases
  • Tripod and general hardware trunks

From the ultra lightweight briefcases providing a neat and highly portable solution for small devices like microphones and data processors, up to Tour Grade trunks ideal for the safe transportation of media servers, camera hardware, tripods, cable drums, etc … there are different case specifications available for all requirements.

19″ Racks

555-Rack-119″ racks are popular in the AV world for transporting, protecting and running equipment. 19 inch rack cases are available in many formats, including for a ‘main-frame’ of rack mounting devices as well as in individual or multiple foam-suspended, shock-mounted or rack-in-a-box options.

All of these are available to the different specifications as needed.  From ‘Industrial’ through to ‘Super Tour’, 5 Star rack cases are robustly built to protect your investments.

A wide variety of hardware options are available, including ventilation dishes, casters, 19″ rack panels, PAL label dishes and much more.  Contact our sales team for further information on these options.

Plasma and LED screen cases

One of the most produced case types is for Plasma and LED screens.  In recent years, due to the leap in technology and the reduction in overall cost for the average display screen, the amount of cases now being produced is very high.  From simple 32″ LED display screens right up to the huge Panasonic 103″ plasma display, 5 Star has produced cases for just about all sizes and makes.

Plasma Case

Single, twin, triple and in some cases, quad layouts are available.  Obviously the size and weight of the screen has to be considered when selecting a screen case but as usual, our sales team will assist you and use years of experience in the field of case design and manufacture.


Recently, we have introduced a lightweight alternative to the popular plywood used predominantly in flight case construction.  This uses a lightweight honeycomb polypropylene (Astroboard) panel in place of the plywood and laminate exterior, reducing the overall weight considerably.

Obviously, a compromise over the reduction in weight is that this particular case type (we know it as the Venue Range), needs to be treated with just a little more respect that its traditional flight case cousin.  But the benefits are to be had.  Again, our sales team will advise on where the Venue Range should be used and of course screen size and layout plays a major part in this selection.

Projector and Lens Cases



Projector and lens cases from 5 Star are produced in many different layouts, styles and specifications but all with one thing in mind…protecting your investment.

These days, whilst the prices of digital projectors have fallen and the specifications have risen even further, protecting them is important.   Case types to suit a wide range of manufacturers, models are saved on our servers and the list grows week by week.

Christie, Panasonic, Barco, JVC, Digital Projection, Epson, NEC and just about all the major manufacturers have been catered for when it comes to projector cases.

From lightweight, domestic type single units for the smaller rental companies, right up to stadium-capable monsters, 5 Star can provide case solutions to suit your individual needs. Separate lens cases are available, or these can be housed in the main projector case…the choice is yours.  Just let our sales team know which you prefer.

Housing separate lenses is also catered for.  Some users will want to house the lens with the projector itself.  However, sometimes this might not be feasible, due to the size of the projector/lens in question.

Lens-Case1    Lens-Case2

Polyethylene foam inserts protect the lenses from shock and knocks, whilst the durable case, be it from the lightweight Venue Range of polypropylene construction or the heavy duty plywood versions will offer many years of service in protecting your investment.

Powerlift cases

Powerlift is a streamlined LED/Plasma screen case solution incorporating an electrically powered lifting arm with IR remote control.  This versatile case system is suitable for screens from 32″ to 70″ in size, has been designed for quick and easy setups and is perfect for moving and displaying  screens.

Powerlift screen casePowerlift screen case

Powerlift cases are usually made to the ‘Industrial’ or ‘Tour Grade’ specification.

The lifting mechanism itself is 100-240v mains powered with a low voltage electronic controller, including an IR remote.  Also included in the package is a manual override switch for the lift.  Standard VESA fixing mounts are utilized with adjustable brackets connected to the lifting mechanism.

All Powerlift systems are built to order and are based around individual screen sizes and requirements.   

Just let us know what screen size you are incorporating and we can advise the best Powerlift solution.