Four CNC’s now in full operation

Four CNC machines

All four of the company’s CNC machining centres are now in full operation.  Having recently taken delivery of the new Multicam Series 3000 machine, which is now fully commissioned and working alongside the three existing Thermwood 40’s, this brings our CNC facilities up to the max.  The first Thermwood model 40 CNC was installed over sixteen years ago.  This was a huge investment at the time, going from a using simple hand-operated routers and jigs to a large-format CNC machining centre.  However, within a few months of the installation, the company could quickly see the benefits of such a machine.  So much so, after just sixty months of the first installation, a second Thermwood model 40 was purchased, again directly from the Dale, Indiana factory.

A third Thermwood model 40 was purchased in 2011, enhancing the company’s machining capabilities and reducing necessary down-time for maintenance.

Four CNC machinesFor the company’s fourth machine, Texas-based Multicam was chosen to supply a Series 3000 CNC router.    The Series 3000 is based around a machining envelope of 3m x 2m, whereas the existing Thermwoods have a smaller 2.4m x 1.2m table.
A twelve position tool-changer, pop-up locating pins for quick and repeatable sheet placement, and vacuum hold-down were all supplied as standard.

Multicam also have a UK sales, service and demonstration facility in Dereham, Norfolk…relatively close to 5 Star’s Wisbech site.  This means quick access to parts and support, when required.