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5 Star’s core industry sector is Entertainment flight case. Under this heading we include Sound & Lighting, Events, Theatre, Special Effects and suchlike. However, we would never be able to list all individual sub-categories within the Entertainment sector. Whilst similar in many respects, we put Audio Visual into a separate sector.

From sound mixing consoles to chain-hoist trunks, special effects to media server racks, our company has (or will find) a solution for your Entertainment flight case projects. Some of the biggest names in the Entertainment sector have been supplied by 5 Star, including Static Light Co., Philips, Stage Electrics, White Light, DiGiCo, AC-ET, Martin Audio and many more.

Since 5 Star began building flight cases over thirty five years ago, Entertainment has always been at our roots.  With that in mind, our design team is experienced in most areas of this sector, so when it comes to discussing Entertainment case projects with customers, usually we will be aware of the equipment to be housed and be able to suggest the flight case layout. Our production staff are also familiar with many aspects of the Entertainment industry, due to the volume of flight cases produced. However, that doesn’t mean we aren’t experienced in other industry sectors.  

All Entertainment flight case designs have individual part numbers and are stored in a vast database for easy retrieval.  Very often we refer back to an existing part number but modify to the individual customer's requirement, which is then given a 'new' part number.

All case types and specifications are available, from lightweight cases to house small accessories and spares, through to Super Tour road trunks for large lighting, sound and rigging equipment.

Foam inserts are also an important addition to the varied case styles and specifications.

Hoist Trunks are also a popular flight case style in the entertainment sector.  Click here for further details on this trunk style.

Contact our sales team on +44 (0)1945 427000 to obtain a design and quote for a Entertainment flight case.

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