5 Star service for White Light

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5 Star Service for White Light:

Founded in 1971, White Light is one of the largest production suppliers in the UK today. It offers a diverse selection of lighting, audio, video, and rigging equipment and supplies venues and productions of all shapes and sizes including theatres, schools, production companies, TV studios, museums and attractions. The company also has an extensive range of flight cases and regularly relies on 5 Star products with the packaging and transport of their equipment. As White Light has recently seen a surge in both the services it offers and the number of projects on which it is working, it is using more 5 Star Cases than ever before – with the long-lasting relationship between the two companies continuously growing.

Whilst still being the leading lighting supplier in the UK, White Light is building a similarly strong reputation in the fields of audio and video. In January, it opened its very own audio department and appointed former Sound By Design director Lee Dennison as new Head of Audio. This saw the company invest more than £400,000 into brand new audio equipment from leading manufacturers such as Clear Com, EM Acoustics, Full Fat Audio, Shure, Sennhesier and Yamaha; all of which is available to hire. White Light was also appointed as the dealer for EM Acoustics, Full Fat Audio, Shure, Sennheiser and Yamaha Commercial Audio.

Earlier this month, it also announced that it had acquired Shock Solutions; a company specialising in LED lighting and audio-visual equipment. By joining forces, this allows White Light to become a visual technology expert, as it now has both the experience and extensive stock to fulfill any client’s desires in a world where LED installations and integrated visual technologies become more popular. This merger took place shortly after White Light announced the launch of Studio 15, a new state-of-the-art studio facility based at its Wimbledon premises. Led by Studio15 Co-ordinator Holly Gough, it offers a large meeting space with video conferencing, audio and video editing suites, along with a 120m2 dedicated rehearsal space.

Jamie Wells, Event Services Manager at White Light (pictured), comments: “The first half of this year has been a really busy and exciting time for White Light. The rapid expansion of what we can offer clients means that we are utilising the full extent of our equipment range. Therefore the flight cases provided by 5 Star are being used more and more frequently”. He further adds: “Due to our vast array of services, it’s a huge advantage that the flight cases which 5 Star provides can be used for a variety of products. Out of all of the flight cases we’ve used in the past, these have the most versatility. It also makes our lives so much easier when, particularly during a busy period, we can have the confidence knowing that the flight cases we are packing our stock into will ensure that it arrives with our clients in exactly the condition in which it left our warehouses”.
One of the reasons for 5 Star and White Light’s successful relationship is a shared ethos. Jamie states: “At White Light, we pride ourselves in not only matching the client’s needs but going beyond these. This is something which 5 Star also offers. Not only do they have an extremely fast turn-around time but they also offer a custom-made service where they will come down to our facilities, measure the cases and provide us with exactly what we require. They are one of the few companies who offer this level of service”. 5 Star Account Manager Simon Edwards comments: “It is always fantastic to hear great feedback from a customer; particularly one such as White Light which has cemented its reputation as the complete production solution specialist. We appreciate that the wide range of clients they work with require precision and efficiency, and we are delighted to help them deliver this level of service”.

As White Light continues to grow as an organisation, so does its relationship with 5 Star. Jamie comments: “Our warehouse is filled with literally hundreds of 5 Star flight cases and, as we continue to expand our services, I can only see this number rising. The quality of both the products and service offered is second to none”. Simon adds: “It’s great to see a company such as White Light increase its levels of expertise and continuously strive to provide the best solutions for its clients. It is also really satisfying to know that we have played some part in this”. For a full range of the products which 5 Star offers.